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        Training lecture on the Core competence of English subject and classroom teaching by Ms Yang Lin, Vice President
        Time:2017-11-30 18:44:02      Read:179      Translator:teaching office

              On the morning of November 30, Ms Yang Lin, Vice President, gave a training lecture on the Core competence of English subject and classroom teaching. All the English teachers from Junior and senior high school attended the lecture.

              Ms Yang Lin explained the main content of Core competence of English subject with various examples to make all the teachers understand completely.

        She also introduced the 5 key words in study innovation and 5C in English classroom teaching (Curriculum,Content,Context,Concept,Competence).

        Her valuable evaluation on teachers’ classroom teaching left a deep impression on all teachers, especially the newcomers, who are always eager to be accustomed to the new teaching life.

              Ms Liu Chunjing and Ms Xu Lin also expressed their teaching feelings on behalf on Junior high and Senior High respectively.

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