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        To promote teaching consciousness and professional level from lesson examples
        Time:2014-10-14 19:38:18      Read:549      Translator:Gao Jia

          On the morning of September 25th, more than 90 high school English teachers of Hebei Normal University training project came to our school to visit classes. Liu wei, the teacher of Senior Two, and Zhang Yanfang, the teacher of Senior One, gave lectures of the vocabulary teaching of Module 5 Unit 2 The United Kingdom and the reading and writing teaching of Module 1 Unit 1 Friendship respectively. Their lectures got widespread high praise from the present teachers.
            In vocabulary teaching, teacher Liu finished language training by holding the core vocabulary of this unit, leading the students learn by themselves, cooperate with each other, demonstrate and interact with each other. She led students gradually analysis and grasp the characteristics of words, phrases, their usages and the concrete application in context based on the case materials. Teacher Zhang’s Classroom teaching design and implementation focused on ability training. By setting enlightening and exploratory task she continuously encouraged students to practice the language, cultivated their oral and written ability and the accuracy of using language.
           After that, Zhu Wanli, the leader of foreign language group, and the representatives of the project discussed and evaluated the lectures. The present teachers actively shared their ideas. They gave a high degree of evaluation on the two teachers' spoken English, classroom organization, design of the learning content, the collective lesson preparation, and the teaching and research atmosphere.
           Vice-chancellor Yang Lin said that it’s important to cultivate teachers’ team and research spirit, build the atmosphere of study. She emphasized teaching research based on collective lesson preparation, promoting the design of the learning content and group-building research, raising teachers’ sense of search and level of professional knowledge. Teachers should highlight the group educational research, pay attention to the improvement in the process of operation, prompt and utilize the production of class, and pay attention to students' actual harvest and classroom effectiveness.

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