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        Look! It is Rainbow Flying?the big jumping ——rope competition reported by the Workers’ Union
        Time:2013-12-4 10:21:31      Read:622      Translator:Song Zhaoqi
            To richen all the colleagues’ spare-time life and to deepen their friendship, called on by the school leaders, the Workers’ Union organized a big activity— the big jumping rope competition on November 11th, 2013.
            On the playground, all the 400 colleagues, who were divided into 7 groups, gathered together, waiting the beginning. When the competition started, everybody quickly became a bird flying through the big ropes. It was required that every team should get higher mark for jumping through the swinging rope, like a dancing rainbow smiling in the sky.
            This activity really made all the colleagues much more organized, active, confident and hardworking. They all appreciated it.

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